Why Do You Need a Guide?

None of the alternative routes should be attempted without a fully trained Ben Nevis guide unless you can navigate accurately and understand the weather conditions you may come across and how to cope with them.  While many people climb the mountain safely each year, accidents can and do happen, and if one does, being with someone who is qualified in first aid and knows what to do in an emergency will pay dividends.  You will also benefit from the guideís local knowledge along the way, and his/her experience of the Ben Nevis weather.

Your guide will pace the walk, advise you what to wear and know where to stop for breaks to ensure your best chances of reaching the top. 

With Adventure Nevis, you can make the ascent during the months when novices should not climb the mountain alone, and learn how to use ice axes and crampons to help you on your way.

Where can I get more Information?

Peter has promised MountainWalk visitors an unforgettable experience on Ben Nevis.  To see the prices and to book, visit the  Adventure Nevis website.

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Guided Walks Up Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis Walks

Try something different!

Itís been estimated that over 150,000 people climb Ben Nevis every year, and most people take the recommended Tourist Path (also known as the Ben Nevis Mountain Track or Pony Track) and climb between the months of May and October. 

The Tourist Path is the only path advised for the novice walker as it is fairly easy to follow (but you should still take a map and compass with you!) and is the safest route when there is no snow on the plateau.  Inexperienced walkers are not advised to attempt the mountain from October to May as the Ben Nevis weather is unpredictable.
Snow on Ben Nevis - May 2012
Why Adventure Nevis?

Peter Khambatta has been walking the Scottish Hills for over 20 years and holds both the Summer and Winter Mountain Leader Awards.  As the founder of Adventure Nevis, he and his team of excellent Ben Nevis guides will help make your experience of climbing the mountain both unforgettable and safe.  Adventure Nevis will help you get safely and comfortably to the top of the Ben Nevis footpath (with a detour over the scree to the top of No 4 Gully - the sights from which walkers would not be able to see without an experienced guide).  If you fancy climbing Ben Nevis feeling like you have the whole mountain to yourself with Peter you can climb via The Steall Falls Ascent which will take you up the waterfall at Steall and then follow the waters of Nevis into the beautiful remote glen above.  From there you will cross grassy slopes and then tackle the final boulder field to reach the summit of Nevis.  An alternative route is via the CMD Arete - this route will take you through the forest, along a river and then follow the arÍte to the top. 
Ben Nevis via Waterfall at Steall
Ben Nevis via Waterfall at Steall
Ben Nevis via CMD Arete
Ben Nevis via CMD Arete
Adventure Nevis Winter Skills Course
Adventure Nevis Winter Skills Course
Ben Nevis Mountain Track in Summer
Ben Nevis Mountain Track in Summer
During the last few years, two metres of snow has been present on the summit in mid - May.   This means the summit buildings are under snow, and itís hard to navigate when you cannot see the path under your feet.

While most suitably equipped most people should be able to walk up Ben Nevis in the summer months unaccompanied, for a different experience you can go with an experienced guide who can share their local knowledge with you and even take you up the mountain in the winter months when snow covers the summit.  A Ben Nevis Guided Walk will be something to remember, and MountainWalk has teamed up with Adventure Nevis to offer you  a unique experience.