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Waterproofs for Hiking and Walking

Keeping Dry on the Mountains

Waterproof Jackets

You might plan to do your walk on a hot summer's day, but the weather can change remarkably quickly on the mountains.  Being prepared for wet weather is advisable on any mountain walk.  Even walking through the low cloud which often descends can leave you decidedly damp and uncomfortable.  A waterproof jacket should keep you dry - both by keeping the rain off you, and also letting any sweat dissipate.  The worse thing is feeling like you're inside your own private sauna!  So you want a garment that resists water, and is breathable.  You also need to look for one which is lightweight. 

If you intend to walk when the weather is warm and don't expect to be wearing it all day, one which can fold up small and go into your rucksack is the best bet.   If you are walking at the beginning or end of the season you should look for a jacket which is warmer - if possible,  one which you can wear a fleece underneath is ideal as layers are best when you're walking in variable temperatures up and down mountains.

You should look for a rain wear jacket with a hood - either permanently attached or detachable.  It should be possible to tighten the hood round your face - it can be immensely annoying to have to hold your hood up as the wind keeps blowing it down!  There's no such thing as wet weather fashion as you climb up these mountains, you won't care how you look, just how you feel!

Waterproof Trousers

You should also consider your legs - you might have waterproof boots and jacket, but the elements will still get you if your legs are exposed, so a pair of waterproof trousers would be very useful, particularly if they are coupled with waterproof gaiters - if you're walking through wet boggy areas these will stop the water getting into your boots.

Packable Waterproofs

Normal rain wear that you would wear around town to keep off a light shower will probably not be sufficient, so try to make sure that what you are buying is going to keep you dry in the middle of a torrential storm.  Ellis Brigman have a range of very good packable quality breatheable jackets.  They are not cheap, but will certainly keep you dry!  Of course, in the hope that you've chosen the right day, packable waterproofs can be stored and forgotten about in your rucksack, but at least you'll have the benefit of knowing they are there if you need them.  The weather can change a lot during the long hours of your walk!

I've done plenty of walks in the rain - equipped with a good set of waterproofs you can continue to enjoy the walk without worrying about the weather.
Where to buy Waterproof Clothing for Mountain Walks:
For waterproof jackets with good reductions on RRP prices visit Yeomans Outdoors

Outdoor Look have a good range to suit all pockets, and there are some great deals on waterproof trousers
Or buy from Amazon - which has the benefit of customer reviews and ratings to show you what you can expect. 
Waterproof jackets from Amazon
Waterproof Trousers from Amazon
Don't forget to keep your valuables dry - Waterproof Camera Cases
Waterproof Gaiters
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