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Gift Ideas for Walkers

So what do you get the person who has everything?

If you know someone who likes walking or who wants to start hiking there are a number of present ideas ranging for just a few pounds to several hundreds.

For someone who is thinking of going to Mount Snowdon, Ben Nevis or Scafell Pike - or indeed any of the wonderful walks we have in the UK, a paper map of the area may suffice.  Or perhaps better still - as the ultimate gift a GPS! 
On this page we've pulled together some hiking gift ideas to suit every budget. 

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These items are those that are best rated on Amazon.  Alternative suppliers can be found on the left. 

Gift Suggestions on this page:

Survival Hiking Gear (under 5)
Maps, Compasses and GPS
Small Gifts
Back Packs
Walking Poles
Camping Essentials and Gadgets
Cameras and Binoculars
Hiking Clothes - Waterproofs
Quality Jackets
Hats and Gloves

Survival Hiking Gear

is relatively cheap and small but is definitely a hiking essential.  For a hiking friend these will also make great gift ideas.  There are many gift ideas under 5 but any of this equipment will help keep a walker safe on the mountains.

Survival Equipment under 5 - Click on Image to see more details

•  Foil Emergency Blankets
•  Emergency Camping Shelter
•  Small Flashlight
Emergency Phone Charger
•  Windproof Matches
•  Safety Whistle with Lanyard
•  Head Torch


Essential Walking Equipment - Maps and Compasses

Any hiking gifts for men or for women should include a compass and a map (if they are planning a particular walk.  Having a map and compass, and knowing how to use them could save lives!

Or how about a book on how to navigate whilst out walking?

If you want to buy a bigger present, then a walking GPS would be very much welcomed as a gift by any walker!

Other Useful Gifts to Buy for Tree Presents or Stocking Fillers - Click on image to see more details

•  Walking Socks for Ladies
•  Hiking Socks for Men
•  Head Torch - you can buy a variety of different torches at different prices
•  Camping Stove
•  Who can resist a Maglite Torth?
There are many sizes and colours of backpacks to choose from, ranging from quite cheap (but often very serviceable backpacks) to very expensive.  If you're only buying a backpack to use on an ocassional day hike, then choose a smaller cheaper one.  If you are buying a backpack for a regular hiker, then it's best to pay a little more.  Here are a selection of what you might be looking for.

- Click on image to see more details

Hiking Backpack

Walking Poles

Walking Poles come in a variety of prices and if your loved one hasn't already got a pair, this is the present any walker would want!  The Trekrite Antishock Walking poles are very popular, and being priced around the 15 mark are a very useful gift whilst not breaking the bank!
A more expensive present for a serious hiker might be a pair of Leki or Black Diamond trekking poles.  The more expensive poles are usually lighter to carry. 

Hiking Equipment Essentials

If you are buying Christmas Gifts for a hiker in the family, or someone who wants to  take up walking or is planning to do a serious walk on holiday next year, the following suggestions are the basic hiking equipment that is adviceable to have. 

Camping Essentials and Camping Gadgets

Wild camping is permissible in most of Scotland, but is more restricted around Snowdon and Scafell Pike.  But spending a night on the mountain can be a special experience, and it's easy to take a lightweight tent with you on your walk.  

As for gadgets - what about a portable shower, or a Beaer Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool?
(click on image for more details)
(click on image for more details)

Cameras and Binoculars

When you walk in the most scenic parts of the UK it is a shame not to be able to capture those images to keep the memory of your hike alive.  A camera would make a useful gift for any hiker.  A DSLR camera is the most expensive but will take the best pictures, however it will add weight to a rucksack.  A smaller compact camera will take adequate photos for the walker who only wants to take quick snaps.

How many times have you been walking and have seen a bird or animal in the distance that you would like to get a better look at?  This is where a good pair of binoculars would come in and would make one of the best gifts for a hiker. 

Hiking Clothes/Outdoor Gear

What to wear hiking is a common question, and obviously depends on the time of year.  But one thing that's always necessary is wet weather gear.

Waterproof trousers and jackets which can be packed away in a back pack are extremely useful items of clothing which make good Christmas gift ideas. 

These items are all packaway waterproof clothing for adults and children.
Other waterproofs you might find useful are waterproof gaiters, waterproof phone covers and waterproof map pockets.

Quality Jackets for Walking

The main names in quality jackets are North Face, Bear Gryllis, Regatta, Berghaus, Craghoppers, Marmot amongst others.  A good warm waterproof jacket is a must when climbing in the chilling winds on the summits which can mean temperatures are below freezing at high altitudes for much of the year. 

Hats and gloves for Walkers

Hats and gloves not only make good stocking fillers, but they can make the difference between feeling cost and warm or bitterly cold!
(click on image for more details)